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About Us

About us

Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.” – Anne Sweeney (President of Walt Disney)

Leading Ladies Toronto serves as a platform for the professional women to inform, inspire, engage and network with a community of smart women for their professional and personal development.

Why join our group

Nothing can be more powerful than gaining new connections and harnessing the power of your peers. Opportunities often arise out of the new relationships we cultivate and we are committed to enlarge your radius of influence.

We are focused on the advancement and recognition of women in diverse roles and profession. Our events are designed in a way to enable you to network and make profound connections. Our speakers are selected from diverse professions, age and ethnic groups to inspire you.

To learn more about our events and become a member of our group, you can subscribe to our newsletter. You can also find us on LinkedIn.


Vidya Jagannathan

Our speaker for the May session is Vidya Jagannathan.

Turn strangers into visitors through professionally managed PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and organically optimized content creation. It's just not about starting an online dialogue, it's about talking to whom it matters. Knowing that every penny spent in promoting to consumers who care for the same things you do, is the essence to create a successful brand. 

On May 10th, join Vidya Jagannathan, Google Analytics & AdWords certified Digital Marketing Consultant at Verbuzz Inc. She has helped many clients from financial services, to not-for-profit, Real Estate, Insurance to outgrow their competitors. She specializes in building custom paid search campaigns using Google Adwords, and has generated many relevant leads for her clients.  LeadingLadiesToronto website was her brainchild. 

Get involved in the discussion: ‘Do I want my business to connect with those 10,000+ clients out there and start an online dialogue?’, ‘How do I ensure that, I speak only to those who share the same interests and values?’ 

Verbuzz Inc has provided digital consulting services to small & mid-sized B2B businesses for over 5 years. They have worked on many projects varying from  web development, social media marketing, SharePoint services and paid search campaigns. Having a rich team with experts on Google Analytics, Adwords & Sharepoint analytics and Partners with firm that specialize in ‘Big Data’, ‘IT hardware support to Cloud integration’, they offer a suite of customized services to many clients. To find out how they can help your business, contact them at info@verbuzz.com

Andrée Myette

Our Speaker for May 2016 is Andrée Myette.
Bio - Thirty years ago, Andrée Myette lost her voice following a traumatic event. Through the bouts of depression that followed, and unable to ask for help, Andrée fought to reclaim her voice, to become the person she knew she could be.

Andrée shares the difficult yet inspirational lessons she learned over the years to inspire other women to find their voice. She brings insights into how they can create the opportunities they want and deserve in their own lives through the power of voice.

A former Communications professional, Andrée Myette brings her frontline experience, and her infectious energy to each person in the audience. You laugh, you listen and you learn how to convey yourself with confidence, clarity and credibility.

Topic for session is 'VOICE TO VICTORY™ Find the power of your voice to get what you want and deserve'

Donna Clark

Donna Clark, our speaker for July session  works with entrepreneurs to create videos that bring out their best so they can concentrate on their talents, thereby increasing their sales.

Donna first started by volunteering at Rogers Television for 12 years.  In that time she worked in studio as camera operator, floor director and as editor for local shows.  She then started ENG-style shoots out in the community and edited stories. Close-up camera at OHL games was the highlight of Rogers.  She enjoyed that so much, she started her own business, working as a producer/editor.
Donna now works with entrepreneurs to produce videos that sell your story. The three most important videos that every entrepreneur needs are: Positioning, Personality and Promotional.

Donna will help you from beginning to end!  Let’s get started!

Donna, your work is truly a work of Art, Passion and Professionalism!!!!  You have captured for me exactly what I needed, which was the true reflection of who I am!!  Your editing process is flawless and professional!!!  You are so responsive in all your communications and you do pay attention to every detail. I am so excited to have worked with you!!  I will recommend you to everyone!! Thank you again Donna!!  You are so talented!!!; Christiane Bristow, Ceremonies To Remember

“I’ve always found making a video somewhat nerve-wracking but Donna makes the; experience so much easier, with her calm,  non-judgmental videotaping you almost forget; she’s there!”
- Anne Day, Company of Women

I have worked with Donna on a number of video and slideshow presentations over the years. She is creative, hardworking and can handle both the production and post-production/editing aspects of any project.  Donna really knows her stuff! - I. McSweeney

Ambie Edgar Chana

Ambie Edgar-Chana, our speaker for April 2016 practices exclusively in the areas of trusts, estates and charity/non-profit law. After gaining almost 7 years of experience in these areas at Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, a large, full-service Bay Street law firm, Ambie formed Edgar Chana Law in 2013 to continue her focus on these areas of law and provide high-quality advice at more reasonable rates.

As part of her estates and trust practice, Ambie advises clients on tax-efficient will and estate planning, business succession planning, family and alter-ego trusts, and estate administration. Ambie also works with the largest trust companies and banks in Canada, as well as financial advisors and accountants, to assist their high net worth and professional clientele achieve their estate planning goals.

Ambie is also an active member of the estate planning Bar. She is on the Board of Directors of the Estate Planning Council of Toronto, is an executive member of the Ontario Bar Association, Trusts & Estates section, and is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Ambie’s expertise has also been recognized by the media. She has provided quotes and advice in Canadian publications, such as MoneySense Magazine.

Ambie’s focus on estate planning began at law school where she was awarded the Margaret E. Rintoul Award for the highest standing in Estate Planning, was a Dean’s Honour List student and received the Law Society of Upper Canada Prize for academic excellence. Ambie has continued to develop her expertise in the estate planning area by completing the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) In-Depth Tax Courses (Parts 1 & 2 and Advanced Tax Issues for the Owner-Manager).

Event Details:

When: April 13th, 7:30 am - 8:30 am (2nd Wednesday in every month)
Where: 1st Canadian place, 38th floor: reached by the elevator on the street level, 100 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5x 1B8

7:15 - 7:30am, Mix & Mingle
7:30 - 7:35am, Member introduction & website demo
7:35 - 8:20 am,  Planning for the Modern Family: Divorces, Second Marriages and the Common Law Couple

Shelagh Cummins

Shelagh Cummins, our speaker for March 2016 is on a mission - to eradicate the slave labour mindset amongst entrepreneurs. She advocates that entrepreneurs charge profitable prices to premium clients with their premium product or service resulting in premium  profits.

A well-known voice on the speaker circuit, she is a trainer and consultant specializing in helping women entrepreneurs create their own Profit PathTM to increase sales and revenue. This former teacher has spent years building several successful businesses and has taken the lessons she learned and experiences she has had to create her signature

Grow Your Business program and introduced a Premium Business Club encompassing a blended curriculum, intensive training and consulting for entrepreneurs ready to expand their business beyond themselves. She has delivered performance improvement solutions developed over 15 years.

A mother of 3 beautiful children under the age of 8, Shelagh knows first hand the challenges and struggles facing women in business and by example has taught countless women entrepreneurs how to build a business to create the income you need to live the life you want.

Topic for our March networking session is 'Spring Yourself to Sales Success'

Yes you do “do” Sales. Every entrepreneur says they hate it but the one most important task all entrepreneurs must learn and embrace is sales. Its the key differentiator between a hobby and a sustainable, scalable and successful business is sales. Shelagh will walk you through a 5 steps required to Spring Your Sales to increased revenue and profit. This talk is directed to those business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and actively grow their businesses and who recognize that they must become active in the selling process, rather than wait for the universe to send customers to them.

Event Details:

When: March 09th, 7:30 am - 8:30 am (2nd Wednesday in every month)
Where: 1st Canadian place, 38th floor: reached by the elevator on the street level, 100 King Street West, Toronto, ON M5x 1B8

7:15 - 7:30am, Mix & Mingle
7:30 - 7:35am, Member introduction & website demo
7:35 - 8:20 am,  Spring yourself to Sales Success by Shelagh Cummins

Julia Lawr

Our speaker for June 2016 is Julia Lawr. Julia has been involved in the martial arts since 1985  (31 years).  She spent 15 years  in karate, where she earned a Shodan (1st degree black belt) in Okinawan Kempo and  a Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Shoringi Ryu, plus 13 years in Kodokan Judo, where she earned the rank of Ikkyu  (brown belt).  Additionally Julia has 10 years of kickboxing,  4 years of MMA and 2 years of boxing under her belt.

Women’s Self-Defence:

Julia has assisted in teaching many judo seminars on women’s self-defence and keeping safe and appeared as a guest on two Rogers Barrie TV shows discussing judo and self-defence.

Record: Amateur Grappling: 2 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw

Amateur Sabaki: 1 win, 4 losses

Many judo competitions (won some, lost some)

Championships: 1994 Semi-Knockdown World Oyama Karate Championships, 3rd Place

Attitude: Nothing else matters when you’re on the mat





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